Airtel to launch Opera Web Pass in Africa

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Opera logo
Opera Software and Airtel are partnering for the launch of Opera Web Pass for customers across 17 countries in Africa. Opera Web Pass allows subscribers a choice between two data packages time-based or site-based. Mobile internet users on the Airtel networks will be able to make use of an affordable and simple pay-as-you-go service for their Airtel mobile phones. The service can be started by clicking 1″Opera Web Pass” in the Speed Dial start page. A list of web pass subscriptions is displayed from which customers can purchase a package that suits their internet access requirements.

Opera Web Pass leverages the existing capabilities of the Opera Mini platform and allows Airtel to package flexible and cost-efficient data offerings to their users. For example, if a person has a couple of hours to spend on a train or in a taxi, they can access and browse the web for a couple of hours during the trip. They can choose a specific period of time or website to access to facilitate this access.

Different packages can be changed frequently, allowing operators to see what works best in a given market or within targeted demographics. Opera Web Pass makes it even more compelling for subscribers to get online using their mobile phones and in a way that is tailored to their needs. For mobile subscribers without data plans, this is the easiest and most flexible solution for accessing the web.

Complex data-use MB plans, which require a significant monetary and time investment currently can now be replaced with time- or content-based, affordable and controllable Opera Web Pass packages – a straightforward process similar to how consumers buy apps today.

Using the Opera Web Pass configuration tool provided operators can monitor and optimize web passes and campaigns in near real time. The service leverages the existing capabilities of the Opera Mini platform, which means almost any phone on any platform can be made web friendly.

β€œAt Opera, we believe that access to the web is a universal right. Partnering with market leaders such as Airtel has offered us the opportunity to help lower the barriers to access the mobile web and empower more African users to get online,” says Lars Boiolesen, CEO, Opera Software.

More information can be found here.