GIVEAWAY: Win one of two #NationHela Cards loaded with Kshs 2000

NatonHela Card

NatonHela CardIt’s that time again when we have freebies for our readers. As always we will make this very exciting and easy to win. I believe you have been following the conversation on the NationHela card, which is essentially a blend of international money transfer service and a prepay credit card. You don’t get that mix anywhere else.

What I want to do for you is make it easy for you to purchase mobile apps on the store of your choice. Those premium apps that you have always wanted to purchase but for one reason or another haven’t purchased. Don’t tell me I am alone in feeling good that I have a premium app that I purchased for my smartphone.

I won’t ask you to share screenshots of what you purchase, just tell us in the comments what app or product you intend to buy online. It could even be purchasing an e-book, chocolate at an e-commerce store. Anything. Tell it in the comment, be interesting. That’s for the first card.

The second NationHela card will come from a random user in the randomizer application by Rafflecopter below here. You can get a maximum of 9 entries and for some options you can repeat every day to increase your chances. Basically showing us some love. Now let’s get going, these things will not win themselves, or will they?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

[UPDATE] This is closed for now and we will pick the two winners in the course of the day and announce them in a new post. Thanks all of you for participating.


  1. I am in the process of setting up a domain with my name. I would like to purchase a premium template and plugins to make my website stand out

  2. There are these pair of shoes that I saw on an on line shop but I’m unable to get them simply because the mode of payment involved is online transaction. I would love to put my feet in those

  3. Hello, I need that Nation Hela to help grow my business and get something unique and wonderful for my 2 year old daughter.

    I run a small business where I knit customized baby wear and sell through the internet , specifically Facebook and online classifieds. I would like to expand my business through more targeted advertising on Facebook and Google, so that when people search for particular terms they are directed to my page. To pay for this I need a Visa Card, of which I don’t have one now.

    Secondly I have a 2 year old daughter who loves scribbling and drawing shapes. The other day I saw someone on Fiverr who said she could animate such drawings and also include a sound clip of my choice. My baby would really love that. The animation will cost $5 and I will have to pay through Visa, again I have no Visa Card. The Nation Hela card will surely be of so much help, and once I get I will be loading it to pay for the Google ads and also fun items for my baby and myself.



  4. I would like to purchase a domain for my e-commerce website. This will be of much help to me because i will be able to buy a domain and start doing my business online and also market my products online because the business trend is changing because expanding a business now days is not about making the shop big but selling your products online.

  5. m-ledger android app, frankly, i found out about it today, downloaded it for the 15 min trial period, its the most effective mpesa transactions manager I’ve come across. I want it to be my 1st paid app and I’m glad it kenyan built.

  6. My birthday is next week and I want to ge my self an extenal hard disk the 2k will really help me top up to the amount I have right now

  7. Many are the times that I peruse through online shops and when I see what I wanted to buy I quickly click on to it but I always end up being disappointed. This is because the only mode of payment available is through visa cards and I don’t have them. Now given a chance to own one then all that would be simple because I believe the NationHela would sort me out.

  8. I want to get myself an Esprit watch, as well as pay for premium versions of apps like Lookout security for my Android phone.

  9. I enter into A bus whereby I’m seated next to a group of young people, Then I hear them discus about a certain application found in the app store. They say how fantastic and cool it is. So when I reach home something rings in my mind “charlie come on go search that application and download it too” So I listen to my self then I decide to download it. But to my shock I find a very rude but polite message. Kindly enter your visa card number to purchase this application. That’s when I remember Damn I don’t even own one.

  10. I would like to upgrade my Muvizu play to Muvizu play + so as to receive full commercial rights and make money from the animation videos i make.Also 3 months ago i bought an LG optimus L5 II phone sad news it was stolen but Good news it came with Macafee installed in it. The online account is still active with all the details including IMEI are still intact problem is my subscription expired. The phone can be traced with an active macafee account which needs to be activated online.

  11. Late in the evening I pass around Muthurwa market for a chance to get nice but cheap pair of shoes, Luckily I get them but because of heavy rains I don’t get the time to check them well. When I reach home I try to fit into them but oh no my feet are to big. The following day I return to the same place I had bought them but due to bad luck the seller is no where to be seen.
    SO I decide to log online so that I could end my frustrations. While browsing I come across an online shop that sells men stuffs,I decide to peruse through. Then I see the same type of shoe I have been dying to have. I click to see the offer but later I remember that I can’t buy it simply because I lack a visa card. What a pity!

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