Nokia Guru to debut as BH-121 Touch?

Nokia Guru

In the run up to the announcement of several Nokia devices at Nokia World tech media was abuzz with rumours of accessories to those devices. One of the accessories that was widely touted to be launching then was a bluetooth headset codenamed Guru. The Nokia Guru. The event came and went and there was no mention of Nokia Guru leave alone an accessory doing anything similar to what was rumoured. Fast forward to the last two weeks and we have plenty of rumours flying around that the Guru is coming sometime in December. Possibly mid-December. If that is the case then my earlier speculation about the device was right. It was only a matter of time before Nokia would release it.

The Nokia guru to be launched is said to be different from what the leaks suggested back then (see file photo below) though that rumoured NFC functionality is still there. The headset will be called BH-121 Touch and not Guru as expected.

Nokia Guru
Nokia Guru



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