Nokia Shifts Focus to Wearable Technology, Abandons Android Project


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C Technology reports that Nokia’s Android project had developed several Android prototype devices led by Peter Skillman, Nokia’s head of UX design. This included a phone code-named “Mountain City” and a 7″ tablet based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400. All this has now been shelved by the Nokia CTO office. The Android device project was under the sole control of Nokia and would have met extreme competition as a Nokia’s distribution base moves to Microsoft.
Microsoft’s acquisition of the mobile manufacturer forbids Nokia to sell mobile devices under its own name for the next 2 years. Work now shifts to the wearable devices sector with Nokia R&D opting to explore graphene sensors, wireless power transmission, flexible displays and low power electromagnetic energy. Nokia’s roadmap already has a product along these lnes with its smart glasses expected for release in early 2015.

via Unwired


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