5 Reasons Why Every Small Scale Business Needs A Website in Kenya

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Show me business man who has no value for the internet and I’ll show you a person who has already planned to drive his business to doom in the shortest possible time. In this present dispensation, you would agree with me that the world has gone global and anyone who does not have an asset on the web has not yet come up for business.

You might not seem to understand why I say every small scale business in Kenya needs a website until you complete reading this article. Few days back, I was in search of local stores in my area that offer some sort of service and was able to find some listed on a web directory. I was pleased to know that it was close to me and wanted to checkout what special services they had to offer, but that was where I would say things fell apart, the small scale business had no website and lost a potential customer (Myself) as I had to go for other alternatives.Who knows how many such potential clients they must have lost simply because they do not have a website?

business website KenyaSince the inception of smartphones, there has been a shoot in the usage of the internet in developing countries like Kenya and people would love to get things at the comfort of their beds and that’s where building an online presence for your small scale business plays a role.

Let me give you 5 strong reasons that would encourage you into making your small scale business in Kenya enjoy an internet and make more money due to the wider coverage you get.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Have A Website

1.Your Competitors Have One

Do you think this is not enough reason for you to run a website for your small scale business, then you must be missing out on a lot of goodies. Take out your time to make searches on any business you can imagine and you definitely would see thousands of people already having their websites on that. This doesn’t mean they decided to spend their money on the website simply because they want to be called website owners, but because there are lots of benefits attached to it. If your competitors are already having an online presence, it there means they are one step ahead of you. Creating a business website is the key to bridging the gap.

2.  You Reach A Wider Audience

The internet has made it easier to connect with new people and so has it helped small scale businesses to seal deals that would have not been possible without this medium. For instance, I am a web designer and if not because I have a personal website for my small webdesign business, I wouldn’t have gotten access to clients from US, India and so on, as I would have been restricted to people around me in my country. The website has helped me get international clients and in turn promoted my business to a wider audience.

3. It Promotes Your Business

Are you wondering how? Here is what you need to know, as long as people have once concluded a successful business transaction with you from your website, they definitely end up referring more potential customers who are also in search of such services. Creating a website for my small scale business has really promoted my business and made me more money as a result. Here are Effective Ways To Promote Your Business.

4. 24/7 Services from Anywhere

Most times, customers might want to consult you to know the nature of your services but might be restricted by a whole lot of factors such as you not been at your office for unforeseen circumstances, or maybe due to the location of your small scale business place. There are several things that can discourage the potential client, but if you run a website for your business, clients only have to visit your website to know services you offer without having to travel down to your office.  One amazing thing about this is, anytime of the day, your website would be up and running, this builds an image of your business been available 24/7 from wherever the clients dwells in the world.

5. It Builds Trust

I say this from experience as I have really enjoyed real trust from people simply because my small business has a website. Clients would definitely choose you over other competitors who do not have a website as they believe you are serious with your business and wish to offer more value to it. It is also a sort of branding on your part and goes a long way in building the trust that gains you more referral customers in the long run.

Now Your Turn

If you wish to push your small scale business to the next level down here in Kenya, then it is your duty to start making moves of bringing your business to the internet. It would increase your sales, reputation and have you smiling to the bank. Cheers