Samsung to showcase Tizen devices in an invite-only event at MWC

Samsung MWC

Samsung MWC


Mobile World Congress is about three weeks away and we can’t help but continue predicting what will be announced at the World’s largest mobile tech forum. This will be in the week of 24th to 27th if February and for the first time we will be there to cover the event live. Samsung has already sent out exclusive invites for an event on the eve of Mobile World Congress, the 23rd of February that will be entirely focused on Tizen.

As a backgrounder, Tizen is an Operating system that was developed off Meego by Samsung and blended with the good things in Samsung’s own Bada OS. Nothing has come out of it for very many months gone to years. The launches have been postponed from mid last year, to late last year and now at MWC is when Samsung seems keen on launching products in this OS.

We are yet to see whether Samsung will decide to go with smart devices for the OS and leave smartphones out of it or actually go ahead and release Tizen Based Smartphones. Tizen is said to support devices with memory as low as 256MB and is also said to come with 64Bit support.

Read all about Tizen here.

But one thing we are sure of at this stage is that something sure has to come out of Mobile World Congress this Spring, that’s four months after a Tizen camera (the NX300 launched at Tizen Developer conference) came out of Suwon.

The event which will be between 3-6pm CET on the 23rd of February at the Hotel ARTS Barcelona will give the media a chance to preview the new Tizen devices and also hear the new things in the OS. We will update as soon as we hear something new.