Nokia trolls Samsung for ‘blurry’ Oscars selfies, forgets its a front-facing camera


The Oscars were on last night (for the majority of you, for us in East Africa, that was this morning) and as you all continue pouring your congratulations to Kenyan wonder girl Lupita, something for us interested in mobile tech took place noticeably:

Samsung did some nice product placement that resulted in a Galaxy Note 3 taking the world’s most retweeted photo of all time and the world’s most popular selfie of all time. Surely such is enough to get your competitors talking. Out came Nokia first.

Nokia Oscars 2

Through Nokia USA’s Twitter account, Nokia has come out to remind us that you need not be having blurry images when there is PureView and Zeiss technology powering its Lumia fleet. See the tweet above.

Of interest to me is that Ellen De Generes or whoever took that photo (Bradley) used not the rear camera but rather the front facing camera. I’m not so sure if a front-facing camera on any of the Lumia smartphones would’ve performed any better. I’ve been test driving the Lumia 1020 (Nokia’s finest in this department) and selfies thanks to its front-facing shooter are just fine, nothing out of the ordinary.

On the other hand, and my friends can attest to this, selfies I have taken with the Note 3’s front-facing camera came out really well. Probably Ellen should not have shaky hands when taking selfies with her Samsung next time but we can’t overlook things like lack of OIS on Samsung Galaxy devices which would’ve made up for a lot of the eventual blurry shots.

Nokia Oscars 3

Whether Nokia got it or not, they did a good thing reminding us of how superior their cameras are. I hope LG America is listening. They could’ve joined the trolling bandwagon by telling us how easy it is to take selfies using buttons at the back of a device instead of on-screen controls. I have no idea why HTC missed out on the party this time (probably they were up all night busy chasing some leaky YouTube kid).

Nokia is really good at this. They first took on Samsung for not launching a tablet when they were unveiling the Lumia 2520 and Apple was launching the iPad Air. Most recently, they trolled the Galaxy S5. Huawei occasionally joins the trolling party too. It seems it is not only Nokia UK that can be good with the humour but the Americans too.