What Other Devices Can We Expect From Nokia In 2014?

Nokia 2014 device portfolio

Nokia 2014 device portfolioAt the announcement filled Microsoft Build 2014 conference, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop launched the Nokia Lumia 630 (in both single and dual SIM variants), the Lumia 635 and the global variant of the Verizon exclusive Icon, the Nokia Lumia 930. These three devices is the start of a busy year for Nokia, not only from the device release cycle, but with the pending integration into Microsoft. Looking at the past releases from Nokia and combined with the code name rumors, we are able to predict what the next devices will be for Nokia.

Nokia 2014
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The Lumia 720 was quite a design hit when it launched at MWC in 2013. It seemed to hit the perfect sweet spot of size, camera specs, and design. We should see the same set of features in the replacement device, codenamed “Phantom”. Screen size should be between 4.5” / 5” and should sport 1280×800 resolution. The camera module will be a variant of the 8MP lens in the 920/925. RAM will be 1GB and Internal storage 8GB with external SD support. We should see this device by Q3, early Q4.

The Least Talked About Windows Phone Device

The Lumia 820 was a device that was oddly placed with the Lumia Portfolio. When it was launched, it was too expensive to be a mid-range device, but lacked the specs to be a high end device. Thus it sat in a sort of “no-mans-land”. Even devices like the Lumia 720 and Lumia 1320 offered a better value proposition than the Lumia 820. Thus to differentiate the Lumia 820 from all the devices, we may see Nokia innovating with above screen gesture technology (3D). Codenamed “Goldfinger” the Lumia 820 replacement should be available in Q3 or Q4.

The Next Pureview Flagship

Even with the amazing Lumia 1520 and Lumia 930 devices, I am salivating at the idea of the next Pureview flagship device. Unlike the prior version of Pureview, I expect this version to showcase more refinement than a leap in imaging processing. This will mean:

  • Faster image processing, possibly using the flagship Snapdragon 805 chip. This chip will enable fast autofocus, burst shooting and refocus capabilities coupled with a Quad Core processor.
  • The RAM will stay at 2GB, but the device should gain 128 GB SD support.
  • The screen size will match the 930 at 5” 1080p. Though I have heard rumors of a 2K screen, this is unlikely as it will drive an already expensive device to stratospheric levels.
  • The new Pureview will also come with the popular Photo Grip jacket with built shutter button and tripod mount.
  • Xenon / LED flash will also be included
  • From a design standpoint the famous “Pureview bump” will be less pronounced (maybe flush to the device body), but the circle will remain as it provides a visual cue you are using the flagship Pureview device. As Nokia said “the back is the new front”.

It is fitting that the next Pureview Flagship is codenamed “Monarch”. It will be continue being The King of the mobile photography. As with the previous Pureview flagships, the Monarch will be launched at its own event late in Q3 or early Q4 of 2014.

How Soon Can We Expect These Devices In E. Africa

Now that we have an idea of the devices Nokia will release, when should we expect them in our back yard? After analyzing the data of previous launch dates I found the flowing:

  • The East Africa region receives low and mid-range devices within a month (average wait time of 31 days) of the global launch.
  • High End-Device usually take longer (average wait time of 85 days) as they are not as much of a priority for the market.

NOTE: The wait time is calculated from the Street Release Date. This is the first date that the devices are available to consumers around the world.

With the release of Windows Phone 8.1 and a slew of devices coming from not only Nokia, but the other newly signed Windows Phone OEM’s, 2014 is shaping up to be the year that Windows Phone truly breaks through. I can hardly wait.