Samsung’s Free Galaxy S 5 Gifts are Worth Nearly as Much as the Phone Itself

Galaxy S5 Blue

Galaxy S5 BlueSamsung Galaxy S5 hit the Nairobi shelves earlier today in what was a simulated launch happening at the same time, 11.11 am globally depending on the time zone. This follows the regional launch that happened last night at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi. The Galaxy S5 was identified by Samsung as a device that has more focus on making things you do with the phone much easier and personal.

Part of the deal that buyers of the Galaxy S5 get is a bundle of content gifts from the Samsung Apps Store amounting to $600 in value. A few come pre-installed while others are in-app purchases and paid apps available on Samsung Apps Store.

Below is the list of apps that one stands to get:


  • Bloomberg Businessweek+ which is a paid app valued at $30 for a one year subscription. This is an in-app purchase.
  • Wall Street Journal – a $138 value for 6 months subscription to the app. This is an in-app purchase.


  • Dropbox – this has been ongoing for Galaxy devices where users get 2 year subscription to the cloud storage app at $99 a year. The app is pre-loaded and just needs you to sign in or up.
  • Bitcasa – this is another cloud storage service valued at $30 for three months of 1 Terabyte cloud storage. You could virtually store all your data in the laptop here. The app is not preloaded.
  • Box – this is the third cloud storage service in the Galaxy Gifts, you got plenty of options. Valued at $18, you get 6 months of 50 GB free storage. It’s not pre-loaded and you will need to download.


  • Runkeeper – in the fitness category we have runkeeper available to Galaxy S5 users for one year free. Runkeeper enables the user set fitness goals and understand their progress for each activity. This is valued at $19.99 and is downloadable.
  • MapMyRun – still in the fitness section MapMyRun which also serves as MapMyRide is an app for runners or cyclists to track their progress while doing these activities. You can track route, speed, distance, calories and time. You also get audio alerts on the app. The 6 month free service you get is valued at $35.94 and is not pre-installed.
  • Lark – this is the third fitness app, goes to show how much focus on this is. Lark is a health advisory service that analyses your health data and gives you ways to improveyour health. You get 1 year Lark Premium membership valued at $36 per year. The app is downloadable from the store.
  • Workout Trainer – last but not least among the fitness apps we have Workout Trainer which gives workout instructions in move-by-move video, photo and text. The premium service you get for 6 months is valued at $42.94. It’s also not pre-installed, get it off the store.


  • Cut The Rope 2 – It’s never really good without a game or two, right? Cut the rope 2 is a free game on Android, what is not free is the customisation set which includes Snowflake Finger Trace, the Cozy Winter Hat for Om Nom and Ginger Cookie. You get $0 worth of ingame credits. You will need to download the app when you need it.
  • Family Guy – this is a free app that allows you to play the role of the maker of the family guy show. You even make the jokes, dress them the way you want. What’s on the table here is the in-app purchases valued at $15 to do extras. The game is not pre-installed.


  • FlikDat – productivity is where the meat of the matter is. starting with FlikDat, a paid app that allows you create and access your business card on Android devices, including creating 3 seconds intro videos for the cards and company logos. The app is valued at $1.99 and is not pre-loaded.
  • Evernote – Galaxy S5 users get 3 month access to Evernote premium that expands your storage and functionality boundaries when taking and organizing notes. The 3 months is worth $15 and the app is not premoaded.
  • Blurb – This app allows you create photo books with the Story Album app you also get to make notes of each picture. A $5 coupon for users come as a Galaxy Gift. This is an in-app thing.
  • Easilydo Pro – This is a personal assistant to help organize contacts, act as a reminder for events, checks traffic, weather notifier among other functions. It’s subscription based at $5 a month and you get 6 months free totalling to $30. It’s not pre-installed.
  • LinkedIn – Basically you get LinkedIn Premium-Business account for 3 months, great for career people. The service is valued at $74 for the 3 months. You will need to go to web onto the global Galaxy S5 micro-site to redeem this.

Local Apps

Samsung went a step further and added locally relevant apps for regional consumers that.

  • Kenya Law report App – this is useful for Kenyan consumers and they are able to access legal information like the Kenya Constitution, Kenya Gazette and ability to track progress of cases in court. This app is free on the Samsung Apps Store but Samsung played an active role in the development of the app which was done by the Kenya Law Report.
  • eKitabu – this is an e-books portal which gives users access to over 350,000 e-books including best sellers from Kenya, Africa and the world. The app is free and downloadable from Samsung Apps Store.
  • Sygic – Offline maps are a thing to frequent travelers who want to go to a foreign country and blend in with the rest without requiring guides or getting lost. Sygic is an app that provides premium turn-by-turn GPS navication powered by TomTom maps. Once you download country a specific map it gets save in the local storage and you can navigate offline. This app is valued at $45 and is available for download.
  • Kleek– last but not least, we have Kleek which is a music streaming app, for $70 you get to stream music free including full playlist downloads. The app is downloadable on the store and Galaxy S5 users get it free, valued at $70.
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