Chilean Porn Star Promises Twitter Followers 16 Hour Free Service If Chile Beat Spain In World Cup, And Delivers

marlen doll
Marlen Doll

Chilean porn star Marlen Doll promised her fans on twitter that she would be giving them a 16 hour non-stop romp at her place should Chile beat Spain in the World Cup this week. She made the announcement on twitter and the victory came to pass when Chile beat Spain 2-0.

Marlen serviced her promise to her Twitter followers in a much publicized event that even included photos and live tweets as evidence that she indeed honoured her promise to her followers.

Whether her promise fueled the victory is anyone’s guess but as the media and her several twitter accounts aired, the event was a success with numerous fans queuing outside her house to try their luck. This would not be a first as the porn star had previously promised 12 hours with “only the strong who could handle it” and went on ahead to deliver.

marlen house
Queue outside Marlen Doll;s house

In the previous event she published NSFW images that had her twitter account suspended but later re-opened. For the most recent session, she promised not just her twitter followers but anyone who would walk in to her house, causing a long queue as a result.

Source: Football France.

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