Microsoft to end ‘Mainstream Support’ for Windows Phone 7.8 in 2 months


Between Windows Phone 7.5 [Mango] and Windows Phone 8 there was Windows Phone 7.8. Yes that Windows Phone version infamous for lack of USSD support. It was provided as an update to Windows Phone 7.5 users to not only bring the interface and some subtle features that were coming to Windows Phone 8 but to also act as a consolation to the early adopters who had already put their money on early wonders like the impressive Lumia 900 since they would miss out on the new OS version thanks to changes to the kernel. Now Microsoft is reportedly pulling the plug on Windows Phone 7.8.

According to Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley and an update on Microsoft’s support site which has been available for a while, September 9th will mark the end of mainstream support for Windows Phone 7.8. After that the dated version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system enters what the company refers to as “extended support”. If you’re familiar with Microsoft’s software support cycle more so for Windows and related products then this doesn’t come as a surprise.

ms wp7.8

As per the latest stats from AdDuplex, Windows Phone 7.x still accounts for a respectable 17% of all Windows Phone devices in the world and likely a good number of these are on 7.8. Anyway, I won’t be too sympathetic to WP 7.8 users as there’s nothing to keep holding onto there. With Windows Phone 8.1, the OS has come of age and of course everyone should be gravitating towards that and with even budget devices like the popular Lumia 520 making the cut, its not a high bar at all. Besides, Microsoft, just like Google, guarantees at least 18 months of software support for mobile devices and for WP 7.8 it has done just that: kept its word.


Via TechCrunch