Samsung To Go All Metal In Full Range Galaxy Alpha Starting August

Galaxy Alpha

Galaxy AlphaIt’s been on the rumour mill for quite some time, that Samsung has been working on a metallic version of the Galaxy S5. Now, this will interest you. It’s not just one smartphone to impress the high end, but a full range starting from 4 inch all the way to high end. ETNews has it that the launch date of the Galaxy Alpha is set for August and also goes on sale within the same quarter. This will be the premium smartphone line.

This marks a change of strategy from Samsung

You know, Samsung has for some years now set the Galaxy S flagship for a first quarter launch and the galaxy Note 4 for a third quarter launch but this changes things. September will see the Galaxy Alpha range hit the market while the Note 4 also gets launched for a Q4 market assault.

The Galaxy Alpha range will sell alongside the other devices in the Galaxy range and will offer consumers more options, metal for those who want metal. And the prices will naturally be different. devices like the Galaxy Core II, Galaxy Ace 4, Galaxy Grand 2, Galaxy Trend and Galaxy S5 mini have hit the market after the Galaxy S5 earlier today and these will be selling alongside the Alpha series later in the year.

Something that comes up from industry sources is that TouchWiz will get an upgrade to make it even better. In an industry where China is coming quite strongly, then reinventing becomes necessary to stay afloat. We’ll keep you updated should we learn anything new along the way, meanwhile, what do you think of a Galaxy Alpha line-up?