UK Man Dies After E-cigarette Explosion

Picture Insidious Plots (Flickr)

Exploding e-cigarettes is not something new. We have reported at least one here and many more others have happened. So e-cigarettes are not that innocent when it comes to taking out people’s front teeth. You know, it’s just another piece of electronic with faults possibilities, just that it’s right in your mouth.

Now according to RT, this gentleman in North West England happened to have lost his life due to situations linked to an exploded e-cigarette. What happened is that he was found dead in his living room where a minor accident was amplified by an oxygen concentrator within his house. The e-cigarette was charging within his house and it exploded into flames and this escalated to a life threatening situation by virtue of there being an oxygen concentrator in the house which led to the fire.

The 62 year old man was found dead in his living room, although the exact cause of death wasn’t yet established. Charging e-cigarettes or any other electronic equipment for long hours could cause explosions and charging them overnight could pose risks according to the area manager, Mersyside Fire and Rescue Service Myles Platt.


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