Windows Phone Marketshare Down To 2.5%, Same Quarter Microsoft Dropped Android

Windows Phone

Windows PhoneIDC Q2 shipments report is out and there is three things that come out. Shipments hit the 300 million mark as they had predicted, Android still surges on and Windows Phone falters.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) Thursday released the quarterly report from their worldwide mobile phone tracker which recorded 301.3 million smartphones shipments worldwide, up 25.3% from the same quarter last year.

Android went up to 255.3 million shipments and 85% market-share up from 191.5 million shipments and 80% last year same quarter, rounded off. Apple’s iOS slipped to 12% down from 13%, but with an increase in shipments from 31.2 million to 35.2 million.

Windows Phone platform which has been third for the longest time slipped both in shipments and market-share. Blackberry which is fourth and would scare them in an alternate world is even worse with a serious slip. The report is made even worse here in that there are no figures for the Nokia X which runs Android, so all the share goes into Android.

Windows Phone went down from 8.2 million shipments and 3.4% share to 7.4 million and 2.5% share. This comes after the announcement that their venture into Android wont be long lived and this means that even though Nokia X did have some gains, this would be futile as there wasn’t enough time to get users hooked onto Microsoft products as Stephen Elop had mentioned earlier.

Blackberry’s numbers are as follows; 1.5 million smartphone shipments which is 0.5% marketshare down from 6.7 million smartphones and 2.8% share same quarter last year. They do have some gains into the enterprise market in North America and Europe, and some progress in Asia Pacific but that’s just it. CEO John Chen does have high hopes and believes the days of decline are over.


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