Samsung Brings 3G To The Curved Super AMOLED Smartwatch Gear S

Samsung gear S Pure White

Samsung gear S Pure White“You know, we are not going to wait for Berlin, this can’t get here soon enough.” That’s what Samsung seems to say by launching their next generation smartwatch today. Samsung announced the much rumoured 3G smartwarch Gear S today in a press release. This is a whole week before the Galaxy Note 4 launch on the 3rd of September in Berlin. The Galaxy Note 3 was launched same time last year in the same city but alongside came the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the first venture into smartwatches, the Galaxy Gear.

This time round, Samsung seems to pre-empt the smartwatch to leave Galaxy Note 4 to have the podium to itself. You may be aware by now that Samsung is done launching the tablets for the year, so Galaxy Note 4 get’s it’s moment of fame alone. Of course, there is a high chance Gear S will be demo-ed alongside the Galaxy Note 4 on 3rd in the demo area. But now we know what there is to expect. Fast forward into what we know about the Gear S.

The Gear S is a 3G smartwatch thus effectively comes independent of the smartphone and with it’s accessory to boot, the Gear Circle. Samsung has owned the Gear name for it’s wearables. The device comes running Tizen OS and with a 2 inch curved Super AMOLED display that allows users make calls and text messages from the watch. S Voice also compliments this with voice commands while the condensed font and conversation view makes text messages easy to read. With options like switching between Bluetooth and 3G, the Gear S allows one to use it autonomously or connected to a Galaxy Smartphone. This is a first from Samsung.

Samsung also added applications done specifically for the Gear S like turn by turn navigation powered by Nokia’s HERE, Financial Times news and views app which works together with Spritz advanced reading technology and a Gear S optimized Facebook app that allows users interact with Facebook. Health which is one of the main things in wearables is more profound with Nike+ on top of things. Since the Gear S has built-in GPS reporting of health data when exercising is realtime and accurate, while at the same time allowing you to leave the smartphone at home.

Well, I’d say Gear S would be one of the best product for health junkies, you know, move as light as possible.

Gear S Product Specifications:

  • 3G/2G connectivity
  • 2 inch Super AMOLED (360 x 480)
  • 1GHz Dual core processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB internal memory
  • Tizen OS
  • 2G/3G call, Bluetooth call
  • Qwerty keyboard, contacts, notifications, messages, email
  • S health, NIke+ Running, Music Player, Gallery, schedule app, News, Navigation, Weather , S Voice, Find My Device, Power Saving Mode
  • IP67 Certification for dust and water resistance
  • Gear Apps
  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n, Assisted GPS
  • Bluetooth 4.1, USB 2.0
  • Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Heart Rate, Ambient Light, UV, Barometer
  • 300mAh Li-ion battery (gives two days use)
  • 39.8 x 58.3 x 12.5mm
  • Colours: Pure White and Blue Black

This is actually one product I can’t wait to see product video of, or see it physically. You know, see the UI and how things work. Gear Circle starts selling globally via the usual channels starting October. No price has been indicated yet.