Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-A5000 Shows Up In Dual SIM Version

Galaxy A5 Dual SIM

Samsung already made a design statement in the new devices the company announced this year. These are Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4 and the two new devices in the Alpha range, Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5. Now these have been launched and should sell within this quarter to get Samsung in the right books of consumers. Now of course the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 have captured that attention and they look like lovable devices.

Guess what else is also loveable? A dual SIM Galaxy A5, and it looks like it’s headed to China, one of those markets where dual SIM smartphones do so well. Other emerging markets have a high affinity for dual SIM phones like India, South East Asia and Africa. Not to say that we think they will be headed there, only that it would be something. Now only the device details have been posted by Samsung China on their website, nothing more in terms of availability and pricing.

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