These LG speakers will play your favourite song when you text them


What was your favourite song in 2014? Be it The Script’s Superheroes or Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, you’ll surely be listening to something new this new year. And if you happen to purchase LG’s new Wi-Fi Music Flow speakers then you’ll have an even cooler way of doing just that. Text message commands. There’s already a tonne of articles all over the world wide web telling you how messaging applications like Line, Whatsapp and WeChat and not the mainstream social media platforms like Facebook are going to be king this year. It looks like LG saw that coming long time ago and has been working on these speakers.

LG Wi-Fi Music Flow speakers

The speakers will allow users to send various commands in order to trigger specific actions like play a certain playlist, play just about any song, stop it, skip to the next one and so on. All from messaging app Line on your smartphone. In addition to detecting commands from messaging app Line, the speakers will be able to detect any smartphone that comes within a foot of the speakers and start playing any song that’s playing on the device thanks to their Auto Music Play feature. These are made possible by dual-band Wi-Fi which provides connectivity.

LG’s Music Flow application is available on both Android and iOS so as soon as LG sheds more details on pricing and availability in two days’ time at its CES keynote then it won’t be lacking in users and support. We’ll probably get to know of Windows Phone support as well now that there’s word LG could be prepping a Windows Phone device.


Via Mashable