Samsung Galaxy S6 Render Has Familiar Design

Galaxy S6 Render

Galaxy S6 Render Samsung‘s upcoming flagship for 2015 has been rumoured and images rendered, but somehow we managed not to pay attention. Till now. Well, we wouldn’t say we are quite confident this is going to be the final design of the phone, or even close, but this one is worth the attention.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S6 at Mobile World Congress in early March, and if 2014 was anything to go by, this will be at at an event in the fringes of MWC in one of the evenings.

Now Samsung Galaxy S6 is slated to be another design overhaul, usually, the Galaxy Note kind of sets the pace here, and it’s some good piece of work, but surprises are welcome too. The design rendered here shows more curves compared to the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy A Series whose edge is, even though curved in the corners, the sides are curvy.

Compared to the Galaxy A Series, the sound jack is on the left bottom in the case of the Galaxy S6 render. Not much texture is revealed so we won’t be discussing that, but as far as the edges are concerned, you will agree with me that there is some inspiration from the iPhone 6.

The bezel looks super-thin here with the volume rocker and power button both on the same side, left. The top and bottom look kind’a tall. I would wager this to be a larger than 5 inch smartphone should it be the final design, probably a 5.25 inch. It does look thin so what came in on the Galaxy A Series might continue here.

What do you think, is this something that tickles your fancy?

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    • I feel you Emmanuel, but if you look at it, you most probably will insert your phone to the pocket the way you hold it in the hand, upside down. Try it. That would be the least of worries by the way.

      • Perhaps but I like pulling mine out and not having to ‘flip’ it because after that dance so that you don’t mess the earphone jack you do not want another operation.

        Anyhu, wait and see things

  1. Looks like Samsung is ‘inspired’ by the iPhone 6 design. Including the audio jack at the bottom, curved design and thin bezels.

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