LinkedIn Rolls out Job Search For Android

Job Search

Job Search

LinkedIn has finally rolled out its Job Search app for Android, 9 months after rolling out the iOS version. The app allows users to search through the network’s many job listings and apply for positions from within the app. When you find a position you’re interested in, you can easily view which of your connections also work at the company.

The app will alerts you when a new position opens up in a field or company that interests you and will also let you know when a post is about to expire. You can also view, save, and apply for jobs within the app, and set up notifications for when new jobs crop up or when job listings are set to expire. And just like on the LinkedIn website, you can see who’s viewed your profile.

Job Search is the fourth standalone app by LinkedIn following others such as LinkedIn connect  an app devoted to the art of networking,  Recruiter which is a recruitment app, Slideshare which is a presentation App and Pulse which is a news app.  A cool selling point of Job Search is that  your network cannot view your activities.  LinkedIn described the app as the one-stop shop for Android users’ job seeking needs. The App will take 14MB of your space and runs on Android 4.1 and its successors.

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