Video: Huawei Teases The Ascend P8 Fronting Camera Capabilities

Huawei Catch the light

Huawei Catch the light Huawei is launching the next flagship, the Ascend P8 next week in London. This is on 15th of April. The Ascend flagship has been mostly about design first then other features second. Looks like things are changing now with the Ascend P8 which looks like it’s fronting the low light image capabilities the camera-phone could come donning.

The video teased by Huawei has a message aligned with the recent solar eclipse that happened recently.

“Many people have seen a mysterious man shining in the dark, and is stealing the light off other people and leaving them in the dark, something that is hard to explain.”

Something that could either be perceived to be stealing the shine off others, but when you watch the video further on you notice there is more of the camera low light image capture being the focus.

Huawei could be launching a phone that has new advancements in the image capture, probably optical image stabilization, a better aperture and dual lens to rival peers that have come earlier with the promise of amazing low light imaging. The smartphone launches in a few days so we don’t have to wait long to see what Huawei has up it’s sleeves.

The Ascend P8 is expected to come with the following internals; Kirin 930 processor, 32GB internal storage, 3GB of RAM, fingerprint scanner and will probably drop the glass back on the Ascend P7 for an all metal build like the Ascend Mate 7 or Galaxy S6. All in all, we have a little time to wait till the phone launches in whole. Or gets leaked.