Nokia Seeks Suitors For HERE Maps Business

Nokia HERE Maps

Nokia HERE MapsA while, not long ago, Nokia ruled the world. The Finnish company sold millions of mobile devices allover the world. It had a fledgling telecommunications and mobile telephony business and generated billions of dollars in revenues and profits. Somewhere a long the way, things changed.

Last year, Nokia sold its Mobile business to Microsoft for 7.2 Billion dollars. The move saw the change of name to Microsoft Mobile. Just last week, Nokia announced plans to acquire rival Alcatel-Lucent for 17 billion dollars. The new company is set to take on Ericsson and Huawei for a bigger slice of the telecommunication business. One Gem remains Nokia’s Maps business Here.

Nokia bought here in 2008 for $8.1 billion but the division has been on a loss making streak. Nokia is seeking around $3.2 billion. Nokia is reportedly trying to sell HERE to either Facebook, Baidu, Sirius XM, Amazon, Apple or Alibaba, whichever they agree with. Uber has also been part of the conversation.

Others include German car makers made up of BMW, Audi and Daimler AG. The maps would be of importance to Apple having struggled in 2012 when it debuted mapping software for its operating system, which gave users poor directions and mislabeled landmarks. Nokia is reportedly pushing for the sale to Apple.

HERE supplies online maps to major Internet companies including, Baidu, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, Yahoo and for use in mobile and computer online mapping applications.

IMG Credit: master78, Flickr