Airtel Kenya Network Upgrade Poised To End Bad Indoor Internet Experience


mobile phoneAirtel is working on upgrading its network in Nairobi with the aim of providing better signal coverage and ultimately improved data speeds.  The planned upgrade involves UMTS 900 Mhz spectrum  which will enhance indoor coverage penetration and improve data quality for Airtel Users in Nairobi.  The upgrade is part of a Shs. 2.5 Billion investment aimed at modernizing its network infrastructure. Already, Airtel has upgraded Mombasa and Kitale towns.

Airtel partnered with Nokia  Networks and is seen as a preparation for the launch of its 4G LTE network. Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi said the planned upgrade in Nairobi will  significantly improve customer experience for internet browsing and calling.  “The completion of the network upgrade in Mombasa and Kitale towns now gives our customers a delightful experience. Nairobi’s upgrade will ensure that customers remain connected to a modern and reliable and superior network”, he added.

In November last year, Airtel Africa launched 4G in Seychelles and Rwanda.  A similar launch is expected in Kenya after Airtel  received regulatory approval to start testing 4G technology on their network using their current frequency spectrum last month.