Uber Music? Britney Spears Debuts New Track To Uber Riders


UberUber, the ride sharing service has been diversifying into different spheres. Last week, it debuted  a food delivery services in the cities of Barcelona and New York. There are also plans to set up a merchant delivery service where users will pick their goods from the Uber Car instead of having it delivered to their doorstep as is the tradition.

In the spirit of Uber testing new products, Uber cab riders in Los Angeles were able to  listen to Britney Spears latest single “Pretty Girls” featuring Iggy Azalea before the song hit the airwaves.  The users offered specially branded SUVs available for riders for six hours playing the single on repeat. The users were to open the Uber app between 3-9 pm, Enter promo code PRETTYGIRLS in the Promotions section of your app to unlock the Britney vehicle option, request Britney and listen to Britney for 30 minutes. Uber stated on its official blog that Limited Britney SUVs may include surprise gifts, and 5 lucky requesters will win 2 tickets to her concert in Las Vegas and a meet and greet with the icon herself.

Uber has been trying to integrate Music into its cab services by integrating with music streaming services Pandora and Spotify. Probably this was a testing pad for Uber Music that plays the same song for the entire ride period.