Apple Watch Hacked To Run Browser, Sort Of

Apple Watch

Gold Apple Watch

The Apple Watch launched to a lot of widespread praise from reviewers and users alike and while we’re still waiting to see what the watch can do besides the built-in features Apple has included when developers get the Watch SDK later in the year, one developer took it upon himself to explore what it is like on the other side of the fence.

Developer Comex, popular amongst iOS watchers for his jailbreaking exploits, posted this video to show a web browser running on the Apple Watch. It is, as expected, limited by the tiny 1.5 inch screen and there isn’t pretty much going on other than the fact that it is a demonstration of the Watch’s capabilities when fully exploited.

While we are of the opinion that smartwatches shouldn’t try to bite more than they can chew (it’s silly to type on such a tiny touch screen), it is always interesting to see them do more than act as a timepiece of the 21st century that can also be called in to help with your appointments (calendar), health and fitness, travel (boarding passes), notifications and generally complementing your smartphone.

The release of the Watch SDK is expected to enable developers tap into the diverse capabilities of the Watch function-wise and do more than just create more beautiful watch-faces (Apple has banned them from doing so) or useless fart apps (also banned). Google has updated Android Wear to be able to connect to wireless networks something which other smartwatches like those from Samsung have been doing for a while now.

Want to see how a proper browser should look like on a smartwatch’s tiny display? See how we manage to load web pages on our Samsung Gear S:

Browser on Samsung Gear S - Techweez


via 9to5Mac