Android users can now pre-register for upcoming apps on Play Store


Google Play Store app preregistration - techweez

Google is keen on improving the Android experience as the mobile platform’s popularity continues to surge in various markets even as recent findings point to a dip in Europe. It is doing so by introducing various new features and also addressing current flaws in the software. Even before we hear about the company’s future plans for Android at I/O 15 with Android M rumours flying around, there are minor updates to the Play Store rolling out to both users and developers. Like the ability to pre-register for upcoming game titles and applications.

The Play Store now allows developers to list their upcoming applications and let users register in advance to be notified when the said apps or games are available for download and installation. The pre-registration should be available to all Android users at the moment. It is not much of a big deal and the users aren’t bound to buy the application or game when it becomes available. They will simply be notified about its availability and make the decision whether to install it or not.

The first application to take advantage of this and showcase it is the upcoming game, Terminator Genisys: Revolution. As per our testing, the experience is similar both on PC and smartphone so you can access the Play Store from whichever platform and try it out.

This development comes in the wake of reports that Google will be allowing developers to be able to create different versions of screenshots, videos, icons, and app description copy and run them in parallel to see which variant yields the best results i.e. A/B testing.