Game Of Thrones Breaks Its Own Torrenting Record

Iron Throne

arya starkCersei Lannister, Walder Frey, the Mountain and Meryn Trant…….The internet?

Looks like Arya Stark needs to add the internet to her bedtime prayer after the latest episode of the Game of Thrones broke an all time piracy meter with 2.2 million downloads worldwide in less than 12 hours since airing. Episode five, of season five called  Kill The Boy aired Sunday and the number of downloads is likely to have spiked.

HBO has been facing difficulties in availing the  Game of Thrones  both online and through cable/satellite in some countries, meaning the only choice for fans of the show is to torrent.  The Game of Thrones previously set the one day piracy record of 1.86 million downloads after airing with the four episodes.

HBO and its parent Time Warner have said it is a good thing to be the most pirated TV show in the world saying its better than winning an Emmy as it creates awareness.  The top five countries for piracy of the latest “GoT” episode are the U.S. (214,468 downloaders so far), Australia (167,301), Brazil (134,994), India (113,614) and the U.K. (107,857) according to torrenting monitor service Excipio

Oooh Stannis Baratheon is marching to Winterfell to take on the Boltons. Episode six should be EPIC!!

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