Android Leads iOS in Mobile Advertising Traffic And Revenue

Mobile advertising

Mobile AdvertisingAndroid is now leading iOS in terms of mobile advertising traffic and monetization.  This is according to two reports  published by Juniper Research and Opera Media Works reveal the current upward growth trajectory in mobile advertising.  Mobile advertising market continues to experience an explosion with an estimated expenditure of $51 Billion in 2015.  According to Juniper Research, global advertising spend on mobile devices is expected to reach $105 billion by 2019. The report states suggests that, Mobile has become the core channel for consumer engagement among brands. The report further argues mobile advertising offers both high visibility and high response rates especially with the rise of smartphones thereby delivering personalized and timely advertising.

The Opera report argues that mobile advertising is continually becoming a global fete with revenues and impressions increasing across all geographical regions.  The United States leads in terms of traffic and revenue generation with significant gains in Asia, the Americas and Africa. The effect is a decline in market share and a spike in volumes of mobile advertising traffic.  On the mobile front, android leads in both traffic and revenue for mobile advertising with iOS leading in terms of mobile traffic monetization.  The Opera report covers the first quarter of 2015 states that android has a 65.2% share of the market which was a spike from 62.7% in Q1 2014.  Android is also leading in revenue generation. iOS devices reach higher monetization levels, primarily because those devices have a larger market share in regions where advertising rates are higher, such as Western Europe and the United States.

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