Google’s My Ramadan Companion to Guide Fasting Muslims


The holy month of Ramadan is here and everyone out there has a solution for our muslim brothers and sisters who are fasting. No, they don’t want in on the food available during Iftar. They want in on the data and engagement. Twitter has introduced Ramadan hashflags to make it easier to track the conversation on Twitter. Google also has its own way of doing things.

Google is using its own personal assistant, search and contextual application, Google Now, to introduce My Ramadan Companion.

My Ramadan Companion - Google

Housed inside Now and riding on the service’s powerful algorithms that present relevant information to users, My Ramadan Companion  will do the same but centred around the holy month. It will highlight the sunset time, help users find the closest charity Iftar, share recipes, fetch all content relevant to you about Ramadan on YouTube and anything that Google deems relevant. After all , based on the data the company has about you, it already knows too much about your tastes.

You can access My Ramadan Companion directly on your device’s Google app or here.