Bad Battery Life on Smartphones May Be a Thing of the Past With Samsung’s New Discovery

Samsung Galaxy S II Extended Battery

Samsung has made several strides towards making your smartphone usage much more comfortable. You know, it sucks being a wall hugger. As much as we really love our smartphones and have all those applications we can’t live without installed, they just fail at one thing badly: battery life. Yes there are those that Google will tell you that they have good battery life but even them they’ll just succumb at some point. Why? Because for quite a long time since lithium batteries came into existence thanks to Sony, there has been little development in extending battery life.

That changes with Samsung’s new tech. Samsung has apparently figured out a way of extending battery life as is without increasing the capacity of the battery itself. You know as things stand, most of the time the bigger the battery capacity the more the battery life you’ll have. That means that phablets like Samsung’s Galaxy Note or Huawei’s Ascend Mate devices will definitely have far much better battery life than what you’ll get on the HTC One mini 2 which spots a 2110 mAh battery.

The R&D center of Samsung Electronics has succeeded in developing a high-density and highly-durable cathode material by coating the strong and conductive graphene on the surface of the silicon to create a kind of protective layer around the silicon. – Business Korea

Don’t get your hopes pumped up though. It could be several years before you see Samsung’s tech being commercialized and a smartphone packing a battery utilizing it shipping.




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