More Samsung Tizen Smartphones on the Way

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Samsung Z1 Tizen

Buoyed by the success of the Samsung Z1 in India and Bangladesh, Samsung is keen on expanding its lineup of Tizen smartphones from the Z1 to a wide range of smartphones.

This is according to a report from Reuters that quotes inside sources at Samsung familiar with the matter. While this is not particularly new information, we’ve always known that Samsung would take this route someday, it is the assertion that it could be bringing a variety of Tizen smartphones that has everyone’s ears up. This, while still experimental every way you look at it, could mean that Samsung’s reliance on Google’s Android would lessen. That is if the market reacts positively to Tizen smartphones.

The Samsung Z1 has been a resounding success thanks in part to its low price point and having launched in emerging markets where customers are very price-conscious, there was little likelihood of it failing when paired with the big budget Samsung marketing machine, something that competitors like Google’s Android One have lacked in similar markets.

Would customers for instance view a Galaxy S6 Edge-esque Tizen smartphone the same way they view the Android equivalent at the moment?

Samsung already ditched Android for its main wearable lineup, the Gear smartwatches, and it is bundling its own operating system on just about everything it is making. From fridges to televisions and in the near future, to Internet of Things devices. It has only been hesitant to do the same on its successful smartphone business due to obvious reasons. Business implications, user reactions and the platform’s maturity level: apps. May be that has changed and it could be time for Tizen to rule the world. May be. It’s a wait and see situation.