Galaxy Note 5 to Launch on August 12th, MicroSD Card Slot Lacking


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Techweez 2 We’ve heard so much lately about Samsung’s plans to counter the arrival of the new iPhones which is likely to be some time in September with an early debut of its own Galaxy range of smartphones. While initial reports pointed to an early release of the next Galaxy S flagship, that is becoming less likely by the day as Samsung is no Sony which is famous for releasing flagship smartphones just about anytime its designers and engineers feel like doing so. The most probable device that can be launched in August is the Galaxy Note 5 which as far as we’ve come to expect, will be very much in line with the traditional Galaxy Note launch.

Only that a launch several days before the run-up to IFA 2015 doesn’t seem likely. On the other hand, Samsung has a record at going against such expectations. It managed to bring forward the launch of the Galaxy S from Q1 to Q2 then back to Q1 again in 2014 to counter rivals like LG, Sony and HTC that were taking advantage of the Galaxy Ss late arrival to the market to get a headstart.

A new report off Sammobile points to August 12th as the most possible launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Like we’ve heard previously, Samsung has also been hard at work on a new generation of its beloved Galaxy S6 Edge, the S6 Edge Plus. While details on what will set apart the S6 Edge Plus from the current model are still sketchy, it is expected to also debut at the same time as the Galaxy Note 5. The two devices are then expected to be available for sale at least a week later with August the 21st being the date that keeps on coming up. In tow will be the availability of Samsung Pay in the US market around the same time.

As much as there isn’t much in the way of information on the Galaxy Note 5, it is expected to embrace the glass design of the Galaxy S6 in place of the current plastic back on the Galaxy Note 4. Colour options are expected to remain the same i.e. gold, silver, white and black. An Exynos 7420 processor is expected as well. The Note 5 may also just be the very first ever Samsung smartphone with 4 GB RAM.

That way, it could join the exclusive club that is currently dominated by the Asus Zenfone 2 with the upcoming OnePlus 2 likely being the next member. We also expect it to have the USB Type-C port that is currently all the fad in mobile and beyond. We are rather shocked by the reports that the Note 5 will lack a microSD card slot. Well, if it is to adopt the design language of the Galaxy S6 then this is to be expected. A redesigned S pen as well as a bump in screen size from the two-year standard of 5.7 inches to 5.9 inches is also expected.

While there are overwhelming reports about us seeing a serious smartphone from Samsung as early as August from sources as credible as the WSJ‘s to those as trusted as Sammobile‘s, you should still take this news with a pinch of salt.