Galaxy Note 5 May Feature a USB Type-C Port



USB 3.1, popularly known as the USB Type-C standard, looks set to be the common port you’ll be seeing on most electronic devices coming off factory floors from later this year. Google unveiled its latest Chromebook Pixel featuring the said port while Apple had already made it known where the world is headed a day earlier with the new Macbook which ships with just the USB 3.1 port and nothing else. Heck, Android is being updated to support the same! Google has already made it clear that all its Nexus devices will spot USB Type-C ports. So what does that mean for the industry? It may be time to change. Samsung is expected to lead that change with its upcoming Galaxy Note 5.

According to Sammobile’s sources, it is almost confirmed that Samsung’s flagship device for the second half of the year will feature a USB Type-C port. Samsung is no stranger to such. It shipped the Galaxy Note 3 with a USB 3.0 port before backtracking a year later to revert to the tried and tested USB 2.0 standard citing lack of a need for USB 3.0 on mobile devices.

USB Type-C has several advantages key among them being support for fast charging (Type-C cables offer up to 20 volts and 5 amps power), faster data transfer speeds (10 Gbps or double what USB 3.0 does) as well as the ability to plug in USB 3.1 cables either way as it is reversible.

The Galaxy Note 5, expected to be unveiled during IFA 2015 in Berlin in September, will showcase Samsung’s latest advances in mobile technology right from the chips it uses to the display it packs.


via Sammobile