5 Epic Shots on Instagram That Show the Beauty of Hell’s Gate National Park

Hells gate Instagram

I’m a big fan of epic shots that are uploaded on Instagram. The popular social networking app is one that is really good with visually stimulating content and it is by this fact I prefer a timeline with striking photos. Now thanks to the recent update the company did on the app, you can be able to easily find photos that are suited to your taste.

For the past one week, I’ve noticed  a number of photos taken at Hells Gate National Park, a place with varying landscapes and geographical features which can be a photographer’s dream if he/she is to landscape shots. Well, here are some of the breathtaking shots taken at Hells Gate:

1. This photo is stunning from a number of ways: The cloud cover on the base of the gorge seems to form a “cloud river” that extends to the horizon. Secondly the inclusion of Mt Longonot and the sunrise/sunset contributes to the wow factor of the photo.

A photo posted by Lost In Thought (@jnsilva) on

2.  This photo is an interesting juxtaposition of the imposing cliff against the zebras & the guy walking beside them.

3. This is a classic long exposure shot of The Milky Way as seen from Hells Gate. Absolute stunner.

4. Its not a Hell’s Gate picture without a photo at the base of the eroded rock which forms visually stunning contrast between the lighter and darker areas.

5. I like this shot because of the addition of the massive rock feature against the monolithic cliff face.


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