Facebook is Testing Profile Tags Which Seem like a Tag Game

facebook girl laptop
Courtesy: The Verge
Courtesy: The Verge

Facebook is reported to be testing a new feature in your profile: Profile tags which as from the name help you add tags that describes your interests on your Facebook profile. Apparently, the social media giant released a statement after being requested by the Verge: “Profile tags are a creative tool that lets you and your friends add tags to your profile to highlight the things that describe you and what you are into”

What are the benefits of this new feature? Well, you can add tags that describe what you are & also your friends can add tags that describe you. In addition, these tags are not limited in the sense that you can type anything on them. When your friends add tags that describe you in particular, you will get a notification where you can either accept or reject those tags. These tags end up being visible to everyone. As you can see from the picture, weirdly, your friends can like your tags (seriously?) and these apparently arrange themselves in your profile where the tag with the most likes is at the top.

This new feature was part of an internal hackathon in the company and this is not news when it comes to Facebook (If you have ever watched the movie “The Social Network, you might have an idea of the connection). Facebook also has Creative Labs which is an internal initiative composed of small teams where they are free to come up with Standalone apps that will help people connect and share better. Some of their key projects include Paper , their first ever venture which delivered stories in a magazine like layout and  Moments which was an app that was developed to organize your photos better.

It is unclear when Facebook will roll-out the profile tag feature to users worldwide and it seems it is only available in New Zealand.

Source: The Verge