Google’s New Search Tool Aims TO Save You From Queuing


Google Busy placesI hate queuing. Everyone dreads queues and the amount of time wasted in line waiting for services. Google thinks it can change that by providing users with one key element, when visiting a place. Information. In a Google+ post, Google says it will offer information to users telling them of the best timings to visit places and thus save them both time and energy often wasted in queues.

The new service will be offered on Google Search, by letting users see the busiest times of the week at millions of places and business around the world. The search results will offer charts showing how busy a place is during every hour of the day. Users can also opt to see how crowded their favorite business is during other days of the week by swipping left or right.

An interesting situation would be people using the data, and opting to shop at the least busy times and in turn make them the most busy time, thereby skewing both the data and the effectiveness of the solution.