James Woods Files a $10 Million Lawsuit Against Twitter troll

Courtesy: PokerFuse
Courtesy: PokerFuse
Courtesy: PokerFuse

Remember the film White House Down? James Woods was the head of the presidential detail who performed an act of treason. Yes, that guy is now suing Twitter for a cool $10 million over his name being defamed by a certain individual on the platform.

The tweet allegedly was in response to a tweet James Wood had posted about priorities of the media. The suit indicated that Abe List (AL) “on July 15, 2015 and for the sole and intentional purpose of harming Woods, AL concocted and posted on the AL Twitter Account the outrageous, baseless, false and defamatory statement”cocaine addict James Woods still sniffing and spouting” In doing so , AL intended to and did, convey to thousands of AL’s followers and others with access to the internet the false claim that Woods is addicted to cocaine, a controlled substance“.

What the suit reveals when you go through it is that that Abe List was a troll and actually used to troll Mr Woods before where it explicitly says “Indeed, a search on google.com for “Abe List James Woods” yields the outrageous statements from the AL Twitter account as the top two results, including that one that calls Woods ‘a ridiculous scum clown-boy’“. The account seems to have been deactivated by Twitter.

This incident brings into light other incidences like the Nyakundi-Safaricom fiasco where and the Robert Kaseberg-Conan O’Brien  case where Conan was accused of stealing jokes. Twitter admitted having a problem regulating trolls on its site where Dick Costolo, the former CEO of the microblogging site admitted in a memo they “sucked with dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform“. The company has measures to curb this behaviour where they have a form to report these offenders.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter