Twitter hires Falcon Pro Developer to Modernize Their Official Android App


fp In what I believe is a smart move by Twitter, they have hired Falcon Pro developer Joaquim Vergès as part of their Android core UI team.  I describe this as a smart move because the official Twitter app has been stuck in a rut. It works yes, but it isn’t the most attractive or intuitive option out there.

Many third party applications for Twitter have been developed over the years and they offer handy features that lack in the official Twitter applications. It  is right to say that Falcon Pro, is one of the best third party Twitter applications on Play Store.

Sharing on his twitter account, Vergès confirmed that he will be working on the official Twitter app. This should hopefully bring new life to the app. Furthermore, he goes on to say that working at Twitter doesn’t mean the end of Falcon Pro, rather he plans to use it for experiments without getting slowed down by a big company.

I hope to see significant changes in the official Twitter app as Vergès says he wants to not only make a killer official app with full API but also create a modern User Interface.

Source: Joaquim Vergès via Android Authority