NASA has Joined Tumblr, Expect a Flurry of Cool Space GIFs


NASA Tumblr NASA has a huge presence on social media: They have official Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Now, they have joined Tumblr in their quest to use social media to its entirety.

Tumblr is  basically a “cool” blogging platform where people can upload photos or videos to be shared with others on the platform. You can follow your Tumblr blogs of choice and there are quite some gems I should say on the platform. It is a visual-centric platform and since NASA likes uploading epic images taken from space to its social networking platforms, it is a very good platform to share this images.

When you scroll down their main Tumblr blog, you can see photos, GIFs and videos of planets, their robots, nebulas, lettuce grown in space & meteor showers. They posted first on August 7th so there is not much content for now. Just like its Twitter’s strategy, they have opened 3 other Tumblr blogs, one run by Peggy Whitson, an astronaut, one for the Curiosity Mars Rover and one to show photos of Jupiter

From the press release these Tumblr accounts will “give Tumblr users a regular dose of space ina blog like format through text, photos, videos and more” They continue to show they are a social media savvy organization by saying that it “continues to add new platforms like Tumblr to offer the public a comprehensive view of NASA’s missions, facilities and people

If you are a fan of NASA’s work, it would be an excellent idea to now follow their various Tumblr accounts and expect epic posts like the one they posted on Twitter & Instagram a while ago about the Pluto expedition.