Kenya’s Opposition Coalition Accuses Safaricom, OT-Morpho and IEBC of Colluding to Rig the Elections

Just the other day, Kenya's electoral body, IEBC (Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission) announced that they had made some changes to the ICT infrastructure...

NASA Gets a Nod from the Supreme Court of Kenya (SCOK) to Access IEBC’s Servers and KIEMs Materials

The National Super Alliance (NASA) has finally been granted read-only access to Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s (IEBC) servers in a request that was...

NASA has Joined Tumblr, Expect a Flurry of Cool Space GIFs

NASA has a huge presence on social media: They have official Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Now, they have joined Tumblr in...
Nasa Pluto

NASA Effectively Used Social Media to Hype New Horizon’s Epic Voyage to Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons, the spacecraft launched by NASA for an expedition to Pluto has finally sent the closest photo ever taken by...

Mars Trek Is a NASA Built “Google Earth” You Can Navigate Mars With

NASA announced an interactive web based tool that looks like Google Earth for exploring Mars called Mars Trek. Just like how you can visit...

WiFi is Now Available on the Moon

Scientists at MIT and NASA last week beamed a wireless Internet signal across the 384,500 kilometers between the Earth and the moon. The team succeeded...