Windows 10 Reportedly Takes 5% Marketshare Within 2 Weeks of Release



We’re just a few hours from marking the third week since Microsoft started seeding Windows 10 to all eligible customers worldwide. While the only official statistic we have since the rollout began is from the operating system’s progress in its first day of availability, that hasn’t stopped unofficial industry sources from going after any source that tracks such numbers. The latest statistics are from StatCounter and they reveal that Windows 10 is seeing widespread adoption despite the various bugs that users have encountered and that Microsoft is still resolving.

According to Neowin’s sources, Windows 10 has been installed on 53 million computers or 4.95% of the market according to StatCounter.

Microsoft expects Windows 10 to be installed on at least a billion devices.

It is not strange that Windows 10 is seeing widespread adoption. It is a “free” upgrade after all since everyone with a valid Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 license is being offered the chance to upgrade unlike before when upgrades to a newer version of Windows meant purchasing a new software license from Microsoft.

Windows 7 and 8.1 users who qualify for the upgrade have until July 2016 to make the switch and with more and more devices being eligible for the upgrade after issues to do with things like drivers have been ironed out (for instance Sony Vaio users will only have Windows 10 as a Christmas gift), the numbers are expected to increase rapidly. In the early days of its release, Windows 10 was said to be installed at a rate of about 1,500 machines per second.


Source: Neowin