This Chrome Extension Makes It Pleasant to Make References to Refugees


The iconic image of the body of an innocent 3-year old Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish shore not only made the entire world take a moment to reflect on its response to the humanitarian crisis brought by the war in Syrian but also the source of all our compassion: the human heart. Football clubs have reacted in various ways from donations to public statements meant to spur debate and action. Governments have also been taken to task by outraged citizens over their roles in helping those fleeing the war. The internet is also reacting to all this through a Chrome extension.

It’s in your newsfeed, it’s in the news. Too often those fleeing disaster and despair are called “queue jumpers”, “boat people” or worse.. “illegals”. It’s easy to lose sight of their humanity.

This simple Chrome extension replaces these words and brings in a little more dignity. Let’s call them humans.

Named Rehumanize, this Chrome extension seeks to bring some dignity to those who find themselves at the centre of a humanitarian crisis and in need of help in foreign countries. The extension will scour the web pages you open on your browser looking for any words deemed to degrade or dehumanize refugees and such like people with the word ‘human’.

How this article looks like when the Rehumanize Chrome extension is turned on
How this article looks like when the Rehumanize Chrome extension is turned on

We’ve previously encountered such an extension that switches specific words for others. Remember Cloud to Butt?

The Rehumanize extension is available on the Chrome Web Store.