Samsung Reportedly Helping Huawei Make its Own Edge Devices



The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy S6 Ege+ have the distinction of being the only two devices with dual-edge displays on the smartphone market at the moment. With no device maker having come out openly to state an interest to best Samsung’s efforts at a curved display on mobile, it is easily safe to assume that Samsung won’t have a lot of competition going forward. Only that the Korean company is apparently keen on producing the competition itself.

As the biggest maker of AMOLED displays, everyone keen on mass-producing AMOLED displays has to have a word with Samsung. Huawei, whose most recent smartphone, the Mate S, packs an AMOLED display, is reportedly in talks with Samsung to also release devices packing the company’s signature “Edge” displays.

With unknown exact specifications and the fact that we are staring at a timeline we don’t know yet (the first half of 2016 is being thrown around), it is a wait and see situation if at all the rumoured 3 million curved displays Huawei is keen to produce for the unnamed device(s) are real. Sources in China indicate that the panels will be Quad HD. It is worth noting that Huawei has so far managed to successfully stay away from the ‘pixels race’ by sticking with he tried and tested 1080p displays and ignoring the urge to ship devices packing 2K displays. Would these curved displays be the ones that make the Chinese break with its own tradition?



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