Microsoft’s Send Application Comes to Android


Back in July, Microsoft introduced Send, a messaging application that is neither email as you know it or a messenger like whatever you’re accustomed to using. It was as we called it back then, a new take on messaging. Send makes it easy to communicate with Outlook contacts without observing the strict formalities we have come to associate with traditional emailing.

Send, a Microsoft Garage project, was only available on iOS but after two months, it has finally come to the Android platform. The application has also been updated (in the case of iOS users) to include support for GIFs, deleting conversations, adding more participants to conversations, sharing location, making calls and more.


Users will need to sign in to their Office 365 business or school accounts in order to take advantage of Send’s on-the-fly clutterless messaging capabilities.

Send can be installed via the Google Play Store. It is however not available to everyone as access has just been expanded to include the United Kingdom, Brazil and Denmark besides the United States and Canada where it was available at first.


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