Get Apple’s Latest iPhone Just by Donating Sperms, No Kidding!


Apple’s iPhones have always been objects of desire for many. The worst bit is that those many may not necessarily be able to afford them. As a result, people resort to doing lots of crazy things just so that they can buy the devices they desire so much despite there being cheaper options. Like opting to sell their kidneys.

To make it easier to get the new iPhone 6S in China, sperm banks there are now offering the device in exchange for “services”. Rates start at $943 for every 17 ml sample at one sperm bank and $786 (a hike from a previous $550) at another according to Chinese media reports.


One needs to meet some set minimum requirements like being college-educated, at least 165 cm tall, free of any genetic disorders and deemed “sufficiently fertile. Since money is involved, some would want to go again and again. That can only happen within 48 hours of each over a 6-month stretch.


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