Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ App Trolled By New ‘Stick with Android’ Application


Apple just released its first ever Android application, Move to iOS, on the Google Play Store. The app is intended to make it easier to transfer essential data to a new iOS device from an Android smartphone or tablet. The move did not go down well with Android’s diehard fans and users and they responded in huge numbers by trolling Move to iOS’ page on the Play Store with 1-star ratings and mean comments. As if that was not enough, an Android developer has taken to the same Play Store to issue the perfect response: an application that urges everyone to “stick with Android.”

The application does nothing you’ll deem useful other than being the perfect troll response to Move to iOS.


Android fanboys who’ve been enraged by Move to iOS responded in predictable fashion and the application enjoys a near-perfect 4.9/5.0 star rating on the Play Store a far cry from 1.7 star rating average that Apple’s application has garnered thanks to being rated 1-star by over 80% of the reviewers on the Play Store. Only under 4,500 reviewers had given Apple’s application 5 stars out of the over 26,000 that had reviewed the application.

A virtual slap. I seriously considered moving to iOS but luckily this app helped me to stick with Android. – Richard David, a reviewer of Stick with Android on the Google Play Store