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The “Bro Ocholla” Incident is the Reason WhatsApp Groups need Secret Chat features

A screenshot of a Whatsapp chat was doing rounds on Twitter which pointed out why WhatsApp should make drastic changes to groups. The screenshot...

The Elusive Bacon Emoji Is Coming Afterall, Avocado and Selfie too

There are over 800 emoji characters  which can be found on multiple platforms in mobile and also on desktop. They have been used to...
Facebook creeps

7 girls raped in Uganda by people they met on Facebook

Social media has enabled people to connect and sometimes ultimately meet if it seems you share common interests. This could mean you can meet...

Unfriending your Workmate on Social Media Apparently can be Interpreted as Bullying

Cyber bullying is one of the many incidences that social media usage rears its ugly side. It thrives on the fact that the people...
selfie spoon

Out with the Selfie Stick, in Comes the Selfie Spoon

The selfie stick is one of the many things that have popped up thanks to social media’s need for vanity and the vanity in...

Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ App Trolled By New ‘Stick with Android’ Application

Apple just released its first ever Android application, Move to iOS, on the Google Play Store. The app is intended to make it easier...

You Say Retweets do not Equal Endorsement, this guy was Arrested by FBI for Retweets

You always see people on Twitter writing this specific quote in their bios “Retweets are not endorsements” so as to avoid litigation of some...

Get Apple’s Latest iPhone Just by Donating Sperms, No Kidding!

Apple’s iPhones have always been objects of desire for many. The worst bit is that those many may not necessarily be able to afford...
Ghafla entertainment

Entertainment blog Ghafla to launch new product poised to disrupt ecommerce in Kenya

Kenyan Entertainment blog Ghafla is readying itself for the next new product coming out in May this year. According to Ghafla founder Mr. Majani,...