Entertainment blog Ghafla to launch new product poised to disrupt ecommerce in Kenya

Ghafla entertainment

Ghafla entertainment

Kenyan Entertainment blog Ghafla is readying itself for the next new product coming out in May this year. According to Ghafla founder Mr. Majani, Ghafla has seen an opportunity and is striking hard. This new product going to be unveiled in two weeks will see the revolutionizing of the entertainment and e-commerce industry in Kenya, with a product for SMEs in the entertainment industry. The site which according to Mr. Majani is nearing 1 million unique visitors is addressing SMEs with this new product as they have not been able to successfully address this segment.

Most of the advertising products they have like banner placement, rich media and sponsored content works for the corporates and they have been getting requests by SMEs to get them a product that works for them, bearing in mind the meager budgets they may have. The existing model takes care of awareness and interest in the part of the buying chain and SMEs mainly cannot afford that. Majani says they want promotions that go directly for the desire and action part of the buying process with low upfront costs.This new product will effectively cater to the SMEs needs.

Ghafla which started as a lyrics site changed to a news model site after investors came on board and changed the course of the product with investors advising Majani that the existing model would be plagued by issues like licensing. According to the investors, the news model was able to make money now, and there was good money to be made. Majani says they were right and with the Kenyan online community coming of age, they have don’t good in terms of revenues growth.