Out with the Selfie Stick, in Comes the Selfie Spoon

selfie spoon

selfie spoon

The selfie stick is one of the many things that have popped up thanks to social media’s need for vanity and the vanity in this case is the selfie, which is also another product of the social media usage boom. The need for people to take selfies has grown so much in recent times in that phone manufactures have over generations of their products offered better high resolution front cameras which are now referred to as selfie cameras. Some of these cameras are labelled as wide angled selfie cameras to capture as many friends as possible to the shot.

Well, people were getting tired to stretch their arms to take these selfies and invented the selfie stick. This contraption has invited ridicule all over social media while on the other hand some people see no problem using them to take selfies and post on Facebook or Instagram. There is another iteration of the selfie stick which is being advertised by a cereal brand:

As you can see from the video, it is a selfie stick that has a spoon at the end so that you can take those selfies as you eat your cereal. It may look dumb but this is the sort of new age ads that are being influenced by social media trends. To make this selfie spoon as popular as possible, it is free (although the people reserving for it have to pay for shipping) and it is in limited quantity.

The comments posted on the video on YouTube highlight people are quite disapproving of the product. I can only see one use of this selfie spoon: Instagramming a selfie of  you eating a bowl of cereal. Controversy works in social media and this one ticks all the boxes in my opinion.


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