This Bank Robber finds out the hard way the negative side of Social Media Vanity

robber poses loot on Facebook

robber poses loot on Facebook

Social media has a way of making users be vain, where they post anything for the likes, hearts and retweets. However, there are some people who don’t seem to understand what they should post and what not to post and thanks to this not-so-bright decision, it led to some robbers being arrested

According to The Smoking Gun, Ashley Duboe and John Mogan decided to rob a bank in Ohio, where John was caught on camera wearing a black hoodie and carrying a stack of cash in his hands. John was not a first time felon apparently since he was convicted 5 years ago for robbing another bank still in Ohio. The police allegedly said that four days after the robbery, John Mogan posted several photos on Facebook where he proudly displayed the cash. They have since been charged with robbery and theft.

This is one of the several incidents that have seen police use social media to catch criminals, and they make it seem so easy. In Philadelphia, a certain junkie was reported by someone on Twitter to the relevant authorities and was arrested in 8 minutes! In Bangalore, a major city in India, the police commissioner was planning to use Periscope to fight crime by receiving the livestreams of crimes that are happening and acting on them. Locally, we have Chief Kariuki from Nakuru who uses Twitter to send updates to his residents about various incidences that have happened so as to seek help from the public to catch the perpetrators.

In most countries, the use of social media to fight crime has not been implemented properly and judging from the stories of successful arrests, it is high time to use it at national level to maintain law and order