Facebook to Make your profile pictures animated, will this change things for you?

facebook avatar

facebook avatar

Normal avatars that people upload on their profiles across social networks are the static kind but others also have GIFs which are animated images so as to give the profile an edge. Facebook has decided to start the next evolution of the humble profile by introducing profile videos.

Facebook wants to breathe life into your profile by introducing the option of adding short looping video clips as your avatar. Videos have a more profound effect than the usual static images and judging by the fact that Facebook says profiles are viewed more than four billion times per day, this figure might become higher after the new update

The company also has started rolling out temporary profile pictures which will allow users to set certain pictures to last for a certain period of time which then reverts back to the original avatar. This would be perfect if you are following a certain event like a football match and you would want to show your support by uploading the team logo as your avatar.

There are other improvements Facebook has made in their mobile apps in the profile section. They have rearranged the profile photo to sit at the corner and repositioned photos and friends where now they are at the top.

These new features are currently only being tested to a section of iPhone users in the US and if you update to the latest Android, you will see features like profile videos have been labelled as “coming soon”. We will have to wait and see other Facebook apps like Messenger or Instagram will get the same treatment.